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DocuPrep is our lowest-priced solution and a smart alternative to handling your case alone. If you have an uncontested case, simply tell us what your agreement is and we will prepare all the necessary Florida divorce forms you need to successfully file your Florida "Dissolution of Marriage" case on your own.

Florida Divorce Papers
FL Divorce Forms No Kids
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Florida Divorce Papers

Here's How It Works:

Step 1 Complete our simple Florida Divorce Questionnaire

Step 2 One of our Florida lawyers will prepare your Florida divorce papers as directed by you, including:

  • Marital Settlement Agreement (all legal issues addressed)
  • If you have children:
    • Parenting Plan
    • Child support calculated

Step 3 Your Florida divorce papers are emailed to you. You will receive everything you need to file and complete your Florida uncontested divorce, including specialized forms unique to whatever Florida county you are filing in and detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

No other online site offers this level of service.

No other online site is this inexpensive.

We are Florida lawyers.

We know the law.

The divorce document websites we have seen cannot compare. It's scary, really, the nonsense they peddle. Here are some for instances:

They say: "Tell us your agreement on child support."

Truth is: Child support is not simply a matter to be negotiated.
Child support must be calculated under Florida's statutory guidelines. A downward deviation of more than 5% must be approved by the court after filing a motion and having it heard.

They say: "File your case and the court will do the rest..."

Truth is: You will have to go to court if you do it yourself.
Other sites make it seem that once you file your case you have nothing left to do other than wait on the arrival of your final judgment from the court in a matter of days. This could not be further from the truth. You will have to go to court to file your case, schedule the final hearing and appear in court before the judge if you do it yourself. You might have to go back to court if the judge requires it. If wife seeks a name change she will also have to attend at least one court hearing.

They say: "A simplified Florida divorce is simple..."

Truth is: A Simplified Florida divorce is more complicated.
Both parties must attend court together when they file the case and at the final hearing.

They make you think a lawyer is included in the price and you can talk to him about your case...

Truth is: Forget about it!
Read the small print or call them (if they even list a phone number) and ask for your free consultation with a Florida lawyer to discuss your case, the legal issues and for legal advice. Ha Ha! It simply does not exist. By the time you have paid and are deep into the process it's too late.

They say: "Cheapest divorce service on the internet..."

Truth is: Good luck with that! Find us a Florida law firm that offers this level of service for $99 and we'll eat our hat. We customize your papers. We do not rely on an automated software program like the other guys. We offer this service and charge as little as we do for one reason, to put them out of business.
They are not Florida divorce lawyers, most of them are companies outside of Florida and all of them seem to be using some type of software that simply fills in blanks on court forms. We have seen many of their customers in our offices disappointed when the clerk refuses to accept their case for filing or the judge dismisses their case. Honestly, we feel they are practicing law without a license, which is a felony in Florida. Our papers reflect that they were "prepared with the assistance of counsel." Theirs won't. They can't. They are not lawyers.

They say: "All the papers you need are included..."

Truth is: They haven't a clue what the local rules require and you won't get all the extra papers that are required.
Every Florida county has a circuit court and every circuit court has local rules that must be followed. The other guys don't even know what a local rule is.

All of the others tell you to use them because you will save so much money that lawyers charge. We are lawyers. lawyers. HOW MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE CAN WE MAKE IT?

Our Pledge to You We are Florida divorce lawyers and know what we are doing. Your papers will be accepted by the court and will be legally sufficient for you to get your Florida uncontested divorce. You still need to file the papers, schedule the hearing and convince the judge that you are entitled to the relief you are requesting.

We are a Florida law firm. Our lawyers are in family court every day. We offer this service as an alternative to your doing it completely on your own. While we know you would be better off with a lawyer at your side and we offer flat fee legal representation at ridiculously low rates, we also recognize that some people cannot afford even $399 for a lawyer to go to court.

This is the next best thing to having us represent you in court. We prepare your divorce papers and give you detailed instructions on getting your Florida uncontested divorce done and over with.

Your papers will comply with the local rules. Every Florida county has a circuit court. Every circuit court has its own local rules. We make sure your papers comply with the local rules. The other sites have no idea what this even means.

You would be better off hiring us to process your case, but if you can't afford it, try this.