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  • Been Served with Divorce Papers? Paternity Papers? Other papers?
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  • Paternity
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  • Domestic Violence: Our attorneys can defend your rights in the most difficult of cases!

Miller Law Associates is a Florida law firm, our senior counsel, Jeff Miller, has been practicing law since 1980 in state and federal courts throughout Florida and the United States. He started his career in the chambers of United States district judges. Extensive courtroom experience, understanding how judges make decisions and a keen focus on resolving cases, not milking files to generate costly and unnecessary attorney fees, defines our Florida family law firm. We have the knowledge and resources to provide competent family law representation to you. Whether you have been served with divorce or post final judgment papers or need to file a case and serve your spouse (divorce, annulment, enforcement or modification) or the parent of your child (paternity) Miller Law Associates has the experience and staff at the ready to protect your rights.

We do not charge by the hour. Our fees are affordable flat fees determined by the discreet task you want us to provide. We work together with our clients as a team; this helps keep legal fees to a minimum. Our clients are kept in the loop at all times. Our Florida family law firm is committed to providing top notch divorce and family law representation to our clients throughout Florida. Over 80% of the litigants in Florida divorce and family law cases are unrepresented. Miller Law Associates is committed to changing that and has been redefining the way Florida divorce services are provided, one case at a time. No longer do you have to go it alone or break the bank in order to get experienced divorce help.

Contested cases can be difficult so, how do we do it? We listen to our clients to gain a full understanding of the facts. We apply the applicable Florida law; statutory, case law, Supreme Court or Local Rule, or the known leanings of a particular judge and give our clients a recommended plan of action. The client decides how to proceed and the resources to devote. We tell it like it is, which is what our clients like and deserve. It is not rocket science; rather a tried and true formula we have employed to resolve even seemingly difficult cases.

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