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At Miller Law Associates we have three levels of service to best serve your needs.

If you and your spouse have come to an agreement on all matters then our online divorce option is for you. Simply signup and fill out our divorce questionnaire and we will file your case for you. Completed quickly for a flat fee and no need for you to appear in court!
Uncontested Divorce Without Kids

Uncontested Divorce With Kids

Do you have a contested matter? You spouse is missing, difficult financial issues, child custody matters? Whatever your situation is the attorney's at Miller Law Associates will quickly and aggressively fight for your rights.
Contested Divorce

Don’t be fooled by document preparation companies, they are not attorneys. At Miller Law Associates a real attorney prepares your documents, you can feel confident they are done correctly.
DIY Divorce

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We can handle your Florida divorce no matter what county you live in.

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