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Alimony is the court ordered spousal support to be paid by one spouse to another as part of a divorce settlement. Many factors are taken into consideration when determining the alimony dollar amount and the length of time the alimony is to be paid as directed by the court. These factors include: how long a couple was married, career sacrifices, income levels, lifestyles, and assets; just to name a few.

The Miller Law firm understands Florida’s alimony laws and has extensive experience in negotiating equitable settlements for our clients. We can also assist with modification of unfair alimony degrees issued in prior divorce settlements. If you have concerns about your alimony settlement give our staff a call today.

Child Custody

Child Custody issues can be challenging elements in a divorce settlement. Considerations such as what’s best for the children, fair parenting opportunities, and practical matters such as travel distance, school and work schedules, all must be weighed into the decision. Miller Law Associates has vast experience in negotiating equitable custody terms for our clients.

Florida law allows for 3 types of custody agreements:
  1. Joint Custody is the most common agreement reached in Florida divorce cases. Joint custody allows both parents to share custody of the children but names one parent responsible for providing the primary residence.

  2. Sole custody occurs when the court awards one of the parents with legal custody of the children while granting the other spouse visitation rights.

  3. Shared custody occurs when the courts award both parents custody of the children and the residential responsibilities are divided evenly between both parents. Shared Custody settlements are the most difficult to obtain as most courts believe this arrangement is more difficult on the children.

If you have concerns about your current custody settlement speak with one of our experienced staff about your case.

Child Support

Child support is an essential element of a divorce settlement whenever children are involved. The chief concern is to make certain that the children have all the things they need and are able to maintain a similar lifestyle as they were accustomed to prior to the divorce. While courts strive to make the best decisions possible when it comes to setting the amount for support payments; it is not uncommon to find these amounts were set too high or too low for the situation.

Child support modifications are often necessary as circumstances change; hardships can arise for either parent that requires child support amounts be reconsidered. If you believe your situation is eligible for a support modification, contact our staff to discuss your case.

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