Florida Child Support

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Reduce Child Support Fl

You may be entitled to Reduce your monthly Child Support Payment!

Don’t wait. Act now. New Florida law 1/1/11
  1. Do you have the kids 73 overnights/year or more?
  2. Does your final judgment or parenting plan* give you less than 146 overnights/year?

*judgment entered in 2010 or earlier

If YES you probably qualify. Our Florida law firm can help you. We can do the calculations, file the papers and attend the court hearing. LOW FLAT FEES apply.

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New Florida law 10/1/10

  1. Do you have more than one child on child support?
  2. Does your final judgment delineate when child support will end for each child and the state the new LOWER child support payment you must make for the remaining child(ren)?

If YES to 1 and NO to 2 you qualify.

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  • Has there been a substantial negative change in your financial picture?
If YES, you may qualify.

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Increase Child Support Fl
  • Making Less Money Now?
  • Ex Not Paying What They Should?
  • Need More Child Support?
  • We Can Help.