Have You Been Served with Divorce Papers?

If a deputy sheriff or process server has served you with divorce papers, it's time to get serious. We can help with your contested divorce.

Your spouse says the marriage is "irretrievably broken" and asks for court action: equitable distribution, alimony, child support and attorney fees. Maybe even to relocate outside the state with your children. YOU NEED TO ACT.

The summons that accompanies the petition for dissolution of marriage was issued by the clerk of court. It is an official court paper and advises you that you must file a response to the law suit within 20 days or risk a default being entered against you. DO NOT IGNORE THE SUMMONS.

If you let the 20 day deadline pass without filing something with the clerk or court, a default may be issued against you.

Our Approach

If you have been served with divorce papers and your marriage is irretrievably broken this is our approach:

  1. We talk to you to understand your situation;
  2. We review the divorce papers. What is your spouse looking for?
  3. We analyze the claim and law with you and make a plan of action;
  4. We prepare and file a formal response with the court.
  5. We look for the shortest distance between two points, meaning, what is the quickest and least expensive way to resolve your divorce case?
    • Being Nasty is Not Helpful.
    • Overreaching is Not Advisable.
    • Creating Conflict is Counter-Productive and Only Serves to Make Legal Fees for Lawyers.

"Did You See What The Lawyer Said in the Divorce Papers? Is she CRAZY!"

We get this all the time. After you read the divorce papers you lose your mind. "Is he nuts?" "What is she talking about?" "I can't afford alimony" You can either respond in kind and ratchet up the emotions and expense, or take a deep breath and bring things back down to earth. We choose the latter approach. It works. Take the high intensity emotions out of these cases and treat them in a businesslike manner and they go away. Usually quickly…without breaking the bank.

How We Do It.

  1. Listen.
  2. Talk.
  3. Mediate.
  4. Keep the big stick in the closet, but at the ready, just in case...
  5. Finalize the case. Hopefully with a negotiated agreement. If we have to try it we try it. With over 30 years of hard core courtroom experience under our belt, that's not an issue.

We handle all of our cases on a flat fee discrete task basis. That means you know exactly what each task is going to cost up front and you know exactly what we are doing for your money.

No billable hours. No monthly bills. No surprises.

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