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Orlando Divorce & Family Law

Divorce and family law brings unique legal issues that must be addressed by the parties and the court. Miller Law Associates' proven protocols distill each case to its essence and allow the lawyers to focus on getting our clients the reasonable results they want. A thorough evaluation of the facts of each case is where we start, followed by a thoughtful legal analysis and defining where the client wants to get to. Our efforts are driven to find the shortest distance between where the client is and where the client wants to end up. Our divorce and family lawyers are driven by results, which is what we found our clients want and deserve. Listening to what the client has to say is critical to the analysis.

Orlando is a wonderful venue with a very advanced unified family court. The circuit judges are very experienced and we have found them to be very thoughtful and caring, especially with families and when minor children are involved. Family court in Orlando is no Mickey Mouse operation.

Oftentimes, after we file a case or a defense on behalf of a client that has been served papers, if there is competent counsel representing the spouse, we are able to open a dialogue with an eye towards settling the case. Most of our cases do settle without the need for costly and drawn out litigation and contentious court hearings. However, when our client is in the right and the spouse is being difficult or has a lawyer who is fanning the flames or pouring gasoline on an already incendiary situation, we have the tools to fight as aggressively as the case requires. There is, after all, no substitute for experience and we have decades of tried and tested hard core courtroom experience throughout Florida, including in divorce courts Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville and throughout Florida and in courtrooms in state and federal courthouses. Most family lawyers, we have found, are unprepared for the fight they get their clients into. We work hard at Miller Law Associates to be the best prepared lawyers in the courtroom.

There is no substitute for hard work and experience. Let the law team at Miller Law Associates work for you to get you the best result in your Orlando divorce or family law case.

Miller Law Associates also offers a 30 day No Court option.

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