Florida Child Support

You may be paying too much in child support.

If you are paying $400/month too much for 2 kids with 10 years to go, you might pay $50,000 too much over time.

Our child support reduction process:

  1. You provide us the facts;
  2. We do the calculation for a flat fee of $100;
  3. We tell you the possible savings over time and our opinion of likely outcome;
  4. You decide if we should file or not;
  5. Our flat attorney fee is $1500 to prepare the pleadings and file the case;
  6. If you need a trial before a judge our flat attorney fee is an additional $1000*.

* Most courts require mediation before trial. We can schedule that for you at no additional cost or attend if you prefer.

You hire us for the limited purpose of seeking a reduction of your child support obligation. If you qualify you could save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

To find out more about reduction of child support in Florida and if you qualify for a reduction in an existing child support award, contact Miller Law Associates at 866-343-4556 or fill out the form below.

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