The Challenge

Our team of dedicated lawyers and tireless programmers were given the following challenge:

Keep our clients informed about their case. Let them know about each event, for instance: when their papers are prepared, their case filed, who the judge assigned to the case is, case number and when the final judgment is entered. Make it easy to follow so they know what’s going on.

What they came up with: Our status page.

From the moment you hire us and at each step of the way until your final judgment is signed by your judge and a copy is in your hands, our clients know the status of their case, simply by logging into the status page.

When any important event happens, our staff inputs it. That way daily progress can be monitored 24/7. The most recent activity will be right there as well as a detailed history of your case. If we have something to ask or tell you, a copy of the email message we sent will be there. In fact, all emails are there for your review.

With our custom status page and email system working hand in hand with our lawyers, our clients are informed. Informed clients are happy clients and sleep well at night, knowing their law firm is hard at work on their case.


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