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Miller Law Associates is a Florida divorce and family law firm dedicated to delivering low cost, flat fee divorce and family law help. We pioneered the concept of a low cost online divorce law firm, the first of its kind.

A divorce crisis exists in this country. We have all heard the statistics: 1 out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce.

Every Florida divorce must come through the courthouse. Every Florida divorce case must be filed with the clerk of court at the county courthouse and the case presented to a Florida circuit court judge. A divorce is only final when the divorce judge signs the final judgment of dissolution of marriage. Lawyers should to be part of the process, trained in the law and legal requirements of divorce; yet, most Florida divorce lawyers have priced themselves out of the market. Working people cannot afford $2500-$5000 retainers and high hourly fees, even for the most routine uncontested divorce case.

Statistically, 7 out of every 10 cases filed in Florida circuit civil court is a divorce or family law case; between 60 - 80% of the litigants in those cases have no lawyer. That means almost half of all the business going on in Florida circuit courts involve divorce and family law cases where one or both of the litigants do not have a lawyer. That statistic is shocking. It motivated us to find a way to serve those who need help and are on a budget.

Without the benefit of competent divorce counsel, people make costly and sometimes irrevocable mistakes, even in what may seem to be the simplest of uncontested cases. Judges and court personnel cannot give legal advice and are overwhelmed, especially now given our floundering economy and the financial woes of our judicial system. As a result, bad results or the wrong result sometimes happens and by then, if a lawyer does get involved, it may be too late to fix it. (a catchy name people can remember) was created as a vehicle to ease the financial burden of Florida divorce and to get it done right, fast and affordably. The media has found us. News articles and television pieces have been published and aired. Watch the T.V. articles, read the news accounts and hear and see what our clients have to say about us.

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