Who Are We?


Miller Law Associates has an active Florida divorce and family law practice serving clients throughout Florida. We have offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Jacksonville. We know of no other private law firm that files as many Florida divorce cases statewide than we do. Our lawyers are in court every day settling and finalizing Florida divorce and related family cases in Florida circuit courts so our clients, their ex-spouses and families can get on with their lives.

Miller Law - FloridaWe handle all divorce and family matters, both contested and uncontested. 97% of all family cases are resolved with an agreement and no trial. The trick is to find the quickest, most efficient and least expensive way to get there. We pride ourselves on doing our best to make that happen each and every day.

Jeffrey Miller, our senior counsel, has over 30 years of courtroom experience. He was a hard core trial lawyer for most of those 30 years. There is no fear of court. No fear of threats from opposing counsel. No fear of proving up or defending a case. That said, his experience makes it easy to properly counsel his clients on when to settle or fight. While we prefer doing things amicably, we can be as aggressive as we need to be.

What we hear every day:

"I just want it over with..."

We strive to make that happen.

"I want what's fair...and what's best for the kids..."

We are committed to this and to being fair, respectful and honest in our dealing with the spouse, opposing counsel and the court.

"I cannot afford to pay a divorce lawyer $350 an hour. I do not have $3500 for a retainer or $5000 for a trial..."

With our flat fee discrete task representation and 30 years of courtroom experience, it is not necessary to break the bank to have qualified and caring counsel to handle your matter and at your side in court.

"My case is simple..."

Our experience and knowledge help us navigate the complex world of the family court system. Our strength lies in making the complex understandable. Simple? Not really. It's taken us 30 years to make it seem so.

Why a website? Why DivorceYes.com?

Broward County CourthouseThere is a tremendous need for competent, affordable divorce lawyers. 80% of the people in family court are stuck doing it on their own. The 1000's of traditional billable hour divorce lawyers out there are struggling to attract the other 20%. Almost half of what we see at the courthouse each day are lawyers withdrawing from representations on account of "irreconcilable differences"; in other words, NO MONEY. People need help.

Miami-Dade Family CourtPeople can afford something, but not a lot. We don't think a lot of what the other lawyers do is always necessary or an efficient way to move a case to resolution. Oftentimes, just the opposite. Our way works for us and our clients. We prove it every single day and our client testimonials are a good indication of what we do and what our clients think about us. We wanted to reach out to more clients than we see in our offices. We wanted to reach out to the unrepresented litigants who think hiring an experienced divorce law firm is beyond their budget and means.

The vast majority of internet divorce "help" sites are non lawyers peddling inexpensive document preparation disguised as "paralegal" or "mediation" services. When people are stuck, who can blame them? We figured if we could offer more for the same money or less, it would be a no brainer. We were right. We offer real legal help at discounted fees, as Florida divorce lawyers. We can process an uncontested divorce case in court for a fraction of what many traditional billable lawyers charge. Oftentimes our fees are less than the document preparers who are not lawyers, who cannot give legal advice and who cannot go to court as your lawyer.

Palm Beach County Court Uncontested Online Florida Divorce - Hire us online (no kids $399 or kids $799) and complete our proprietary Florida Divorce Questionnaire. We prepare the necessary court pleadings and email them to you. You return the signed papers and court filing fee schedule the final hearing before the judge assigned to your case. You can come to court or attend the final hearing by phone, your choice. We try and schedule the hearing within 30 days. Once entered, the court will mail you each a copy of the final judgment.

Contested Florida Divorce or Family Law Case - If you have a contested case email us and we will let you know how we can help. We offer low cost, flat fee discrete task representation for contested divorce and family law matters ranging from, property disputes, children's issues, alimony, paternity, relocation, enforcement and modifications.

Have a legal question? Need advice from a lawyer? We field scores of questions each day from our clients and get back to them the same day. We can give legal advice. We are lawyers. Non lawyers cannot give legal advice. It's a crime if they do.

This is not simply a Florida problem, it's nationwide and we plan on leading the revolution starting in Florida and taking it throughout the United States. If you need divorce or family law help call us.

We want to put the document preparation companies out of business.

They aren't lawyers. They haven't the foggiest idea about Florida divorce law. Most are from out of state. They sell access to a software program that fills in blanks on a form. No lawyers. No real help. Mostly they get it wrong. Mostly they don't include all of the required papers. They charge too much. Some are practicing law without a license, which is a 5 year felony in Florida. The Florida Bar goes after some of them but doesn't have the manpower to shut them all down. Cyberspace can be hard to get a handle on. We aim to put them out of business, which is why we are charging so little.

If you have an uncontested Florida divorce, we can get it over with in 30 days and you won't have to go to court.

If you want to do it yourself, something we do not advise, and are thinking about paying some other website money for documents, STOP and get them from us for peanuts. If you get stuck, we're still here.

If you have a more complicated matter, tell us about it and we might be able to get involved or refer it to someone else. We know a lot of lawyers.

He Who Represents Himself Has a Fool For a Client

Representing yourself in court is a lot like doing your own dental work...It's going to hurt a lot and you probably won't get a good result.


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