Florida Quick Divorce - WITH KIDS

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We offer our clients legal advice, legal representation in court and peace of mind for the very low flat fee of $799 for a with kids Florida quick divorce

No Hourly Fees
No Retainer Deposits
30 Day Divorce
No Court Appearance
Serving All of Florida

Florida Quick Divorce - With Kids
  1. If either you or your spouse is a 6 month Florida resident just hire us here now and pay our flat attorney fee of $799. You create a user name and password to access the secure part of the website where you will complete our simple online Florida Divorce Questionnaire. If necessary, our Florida lawyers are available to answer your questions.
  2. We prepare the divorce papers, including:
    • Marital Settlement Agreement (Property division is included).
    • Parenting Plan is included.
    • Child Support Calculation is included.
    • Name change for wife is included.
  3. You return signed papers to us along with the court filing fee.
  4. We go to court for you so you don't have to. A final judgment will be mailed to you within 30 days.
  5. A copy of your final judgment will be mailed to you and former spouse from the court after the judge has signed it.


That's how Miller Law Associates does it. Fast, easy, low cost and convenient.

That's how we do it. We make sure your divorce is handled properly so that your divorce is quick, efficient and effective and at a price you can afford. With DivorceYes! you can afford a Florida uncontested divorce lawyer to handle your divorce. No need to turn to "paralegal" or document preparation services or to the court self-help center, none of whom can give legal advice, sign your papers, go to court for you or offer real peace of mind. Let us help you. Hire us today

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