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Parental Relocation with Children in Florida

It is not uncommon for one parent involved in an ongoing divorce proceeding or who is already divorced to want to relocate to another place.  In Florida there’s no prohibition against parental relocation.  One parent can move to wherever he … Continue reading

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What exactly is an online Florida divorce?

What exactly is an online Florida divorce?  Can you buy a Florida divorce online?  Can a Florida divorce be gotten in cyber space?  Is there an online Florida judge who will sign your online cyberspace Florida final judgment of dissolution … Continue reading

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Military divorce in Florida

To obtain a divorce in Florida one of the parties, either the husband or wife, must reside 6 months in the state before the filing of the petition.  Florida residence is usually established with a current Florida driver license issued … Continue reading

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Mediation in Florida Divorce Cases

If the parties have not come to an agreement on all of the important divorce issues theirs would be considered a contested divorce case.  Florida no-fault divorce law will let them get their divorce without having to establish any more … Continue reading

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Florida uncontested divorce can be had online

A Florida uncontested divorce can be had online from the originator of the online divorce, Florida law firm Miller Law Associates.  The Miller law firm handles Florida uncontested divorce cases throughout the Florida and offers its unique online divorce solution … Continue reading

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Why you should avoid “Divorce Paralegal” assistance in your Florida divorce

I can’t tell you how often we see litigants in Florida divorce court either frustrated with the process or disappointed in a bad result obtained on account of wrong advice or bad information they got from a “divorce paralegal”. They … Continue reading

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