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5 Tips for Divorcing Parents

Getting divorced doesn’t have to wreck your kids’ lives. Sure, divorce is always going to be hard on kids, but there are things parents can do to help their children get through these tough times as best as possible. Here … Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Take the High Road in Your Divorce

As you go through divorce proceedings, you have a choice to either contribute to making the whole process nasty and hostile or to take the high road and refuse to participate in the ugliness that’s involved in many divorce cases. … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Parenting Out of Two Homes

In many divorce cases with children, joint custody is awarded to the parents. This means that the child will be spending time living in both homes. Being a parent in a two-home situation can prove challenging, but if you follow … Continue reading

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5 Common Reasons People Get An Annulment

You’ve probably heard the term “annulment,” but you may not know what it means. Like a divorce, an annulment puts an end to a marriage, but that doesn’t mean the two things are exactly alike. The major difference is that an annulment … Continue reading

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