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Hiring a Florida Divorce Lawyer Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

About 80% of all those in Florida family court are there representing themselves. That’s because many people believe they can’t afford to hire a divorce lawyer. Understandably so—many divorce lawyers have exorbitant hourly fees and request large retainers, costing clients … Continue reading

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Getting Your Finances in Order During a Divorce

Divorcing your spouse is an act that’s going to have a major financial impact on you. Not only do you have to pay legal fees during your divorce, but you also have to remember that your assets will likely be … Continue reading

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3 Major Challenges of Being a Single Parent

If you’ve just gone through a divorce and been given full custody of your children, facing the new reality being a single parent is certainly daunting, as there are many challenges. However, children can get all the love and parenting … Continue reading

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3 Things to Know Before Going to Divorce Court

In most divorce cases, the couples will never actually enter a courtroom. The case will either be handled entirely outside of the courtroom, or the lawyers will appear in court on your behalf. However, there are some times when divorcing … Continue reading

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