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Military Benefits and Divorce

Military divorce is, in many ways, like a standard divorce; it’s handled by the state’s court system, and its regulations for custody and financials. However, military divorce does differ in a few areas. Military marriages include benefits that aren’t in … Continue reading

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Divorce and What Not to Do

Divorce is generally complex and stressful. It is understandable that some people are affected by it negatively and make mistakes that only make the process worse. All you can do is try your best to get through the process smoothly … Continue reading

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The Divorce Continuance

It is normal for divorcing spouses to want a quick end to the process. It is stressful, often painful, and most people want to finish it and move on. However, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. In fact, you might find … Continue reading

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Changing Child Time-Sharing Arrangements

Child custody arrangements are sometimes a necessity; some divorcing couples need the help with time-sharing. Though they have some permanence to them, children’s needs change. As they grow, their entire lives adjust with new school events, friends, and schedules. Parents’ … Continue reading

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