3 Financial Tips to Help You through Your Divorce and Beyond

When you get divorced, your financial situation changes drastically. Suddenly, you might go from living in a two-income house or being a stay-at-home parent to having to provide for yourself and possibly your kids. The fact is that divorce ruins a lot of people financially, and if you’re not prepared, you too could become a victim.

Here are 3 tips that will help you financially survive your divorce and thrive once the dust has settled:

  1. Spend only when necessary—Right now, financial survival is the name of the game. You should only be spending money when absolutely necessary. That means your money should be going toward things like groceries, rent, bills, etc. Now isn’t the time to be blowing money on luxuries like eating out and shopping for new clothes.
  2. Focus on cutting your debt—The quickest way to a sound financial future is to eliminate your debt. So it’s time to start paying off your credit cards and loans. Do your best to pay things off in full. If you’re just making the minimum monthly payment, it could take years to climb out of debt.
  3. Save, save, save—It’s important to have a safety net during this unsure time. Try to build up enough savings to cover at least six months’ worth of your living expenses.

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