3 Methods for Getting a Florida Cheap Divorce

Let’s face it—getting divorced can be pretty darn expensive. Not only do you have to deal with all the court fees and legal fees that come with filing for divorce, but you also have to consider the financial fallout of getting divorced that comes with dividing up your assets, paying child support, paying alimony, etc.

With that in mind, it’s only natural for you to look for ways to save on your divorce. Here are 3 different options you have for trying to get a Florida cheap divorce.

  1. Handle your own divorce case—Some people decide they can save money by handling their divorce case on their own, rather than paying for a lawyer. But beware. While this might save you from paying legal fees, it could cost you in the end. Your lack of experience could cause you to get taken advantage of in the courtroom, leading to an unfair outcome to your case.
  2. File for uncontested divorce—If you can keep the peace with your spouse, try to file for uncontested divorce as these cases require less court time and less work from your lawyer.
  3. Hire a flat fee attorney—Not all lawyers are expensive. Some lawyers offer low, flat fee services that can help you save thousands.

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