3 Misconceptions about Florida Cheap Divorce

When you think of divorce, the last word that comes to mind is “cheap.” Divorce is often viewed as a costly proposition. Not only is there the division of assets, there’s the costs of filing for divorce and hiring a lawyer.

But the truth is that getting divorce doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are 3 common misconceptions that need to be cleared up about Florida cheap divorce.

  1. The only way to get a cheap divorce is to represent yourself
    Not true. Actually, representing yourself will often cost you more in time spent dealing with the case and money lost from common mistakes. Hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for a low cost, flat fee divorce attorney to handle your case.
  2. Divorce takes a long time to be finalized
    An uncontested divorce in Florida can actually be fully processed within just 30 days from the date of filing for divorce. That’s pretty fast!
  3. I can’t get a cheap divorce
    Why not? If you’re able to work out the arrangements of your divorce out of court with your spouse, you can get a Florida cheap divorce too.

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