3 Mistakes That Can Create a Nasty Divorce

You’ve probably heard a few divorce horror stories in your time, and you might be conditioned to believe that all divorces have to be nasty. But the truth is that divorce can be amicable. Sure, splitting up isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If you’re able to keep the peace, you can get divorced quickly, affordably, and with less stress and drama.

Sounds good, right? To achieve a peaceful uncontested divorce in Florida, you need to avoid these major mistakes:


  • Mistake #1: Talking bad about your spouse to your kids—Never should you badmouth your soon-to-be ex-spouse in front of your kids. Your children have the right to have a great, loving relationship with both parents, and interfering in that is sure to cause major problems.
  • Mistake #2: Fighting for the sake of fighting—Some divorcing couples are contentious just because they want to be. Don’t pick fights if there’s no reason for it. Don’t sweat the little things. Bite your tongue and get through this.
  • Mistake #3: Dating during divorce—You might be ready to move on, but it’s smartest to wait until your divorce is finalized before you start dating again. This will help avoid problems with your ex, and it will keep you from looking bad in court.


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