3 Questions You Probably Have about Uncontested Divorce in Florida

If you’re facing divorce, you probably already know that not all divorce cases are the same. There are different types of divorce, one of which is uncontested divorce. You may have heard that uncontested divorces tend to be quicker, more affordable, and less dramatic.

Of course, you probably have some specific questions about uncontested divorce in Florida. Here’s an overview of some of the most common questions people have about this type of divorce.

  1. What is uncontested divorce in Florida? Uncontested divorce is exactly what it sounds like—both parties agree to get divorced and work out the details of the divorce (e.g. property division, child custody arrangements, etc.) amongst themselves, rather than relying on the court to work it out for them.
  2. How long does an uncontested divorce take? An uncontested divorce can be achieved in 30 days from the date of filing. It’s quick and easy.
  3. Do I need to hire a lawyer for an uncontested divorce? Just because you and your spouse aren’t fighting doesn’t mean you don’t need a lawyer. You can still benefit from having a lawyer on your side as you’ll have someone who can make sure all arrangements are fair, who can help prepare all your paperwork, and who can appear in court on your behalf.

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