3 Reasons Marriages After Divorce Tend to Fail

Statistics show that subsequent marriages after a divorce are much likelier to fail than first marriages. In other words, if you’re going to get remarried after your divorce, you have a very high chance of getting yet another divorce.

Why do these post-divorce marriages tend to fail so often? You can point to a number of reasons, but the 3 most common causes seem to be:

  1. Lack of healing—Unfortunately, many people don’t learn lessons from their first marriage and divorce. As a result, they end up bringing a lot of baggage into their next marriage, and they make the same mistakes they made the first time around.
  2. Getting married too quickly—Some people believe that the best way to heal after a divorce is to find a new partner and rush into marriage. Rebound relationships rarely work out. Just because you don’t like being alone doesn’t mean you need to get remarried. Give it time.
  3. Mixing families—Blending families always comes with challenges. Being a step parent can be tough. It takes a lot of work to gain the trust of another family and to make the family unit peacefully co-exist.

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