3 Reasons to Obtain a Credit Report When Filing for Divorce

Being financially prepared is essential to ensuring a favorable outcome to your divorce. If you don’t have a clear picture of you and your family’s financial situation, you risk getting an unfair outcome to your divorce case, and it could cause you to start your new life on unstable financial footing.

One of the most important things you can do when filing for divorce is to obtain a credit report. Why should you get a credit report?

  1. Get a clear overview of all debts on your credit score—This is important for gaining a better understanding of your financial situation so you can begin to plan for your new life. If your credit score is tied to your soon-to-be ex, it will help identify which debts you share.
  2. Discover hidden debts—It sometimes happens that a married individual discovers he or she has loans and lines of credit that were opened in their name during the marriage without their knowledge.
  3. Ensure fair debt distribution—By identifying all debts, you can help ensure everything is divided fairly during your divorce decree.

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