3 Things to Check When Buying Florida Divorce Forms Online

Thinking about handling your divorce case on your own? That’s certainly your decision, but before you can file for divorce, you need to get your hands on the necessary Florida divorce forms for filing in your county. Many websites sell Florida divorce forms, but you need to be careful when buying them online.

Here are 3 things you should look for before making your purchase.

  1. Make sure the company is backed by a law firm—Many websites selling Florida divorce forms aren’t actually backed by a real lawyer or law firm. Instead, they are run by divorce paralegals who aren’t even licensed to practice law on their own. And in some cases, they are run by companies that aren’t even located in Florida!
  2. Verify that they have all papers required in your county—While there are certain forms required in all courts across the state of Florida, certain counties also require additional paperwork. Many divorce forms websites don’t have these locally-required forms available, causing you problems when you try to file for divorce.
  3. Can they prepare your papers for you?—There are a lot of papers that need to be prepared when filing for divorce, and any mistakes can cause your case to get rejected by the court clerk. Having an actual lawyer prepare your papers is the best way to avoid complications.


DivorceYes.com offers DocuPrep services for those who wish to represent themselves in court. Our lawyers will thoughtfully prepare your papers for you, starting at just $99 for an uncontested divorce with no kids and $149 for an uncontested divorce with kids.


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