3 Things You Might Not Know About Florida Military Divorce

Florida military divorce is slightly different than civilian divorce in a few key ways. With that in mind, most people (even those considering a military divorce) don’t know too much about the process and everything related to it.

You may be surprised to learn the following 3 things about Florida military divorce:

  1. Residency must be established— Active military members can satisfy Florida’s 6 month residence requirement for purposes of the court’s divorce jurisdiction if he or she: (1) has physically resided in the state of Florida for the past 6 months, regardless of where his or her true home state is, even if deployed, or (2) establishes Florida as his or her home state with the intent to return to Florida after discharge, even if stationed outside of Florida or deployed.
  2. There are laws protecting active service members from divorce proceedings—Active military members are able to delay divorce proceedings until they are finished with duty. This is to prevent those serving away from home from getting divorced without knowing it.
  3. Spouse is allowed to keep their military ID during divorce proceedings—While the divorce is still going on, the spouse is allowed to keep their military ID card and stay on the base. However, after the divorce is finalized, the ID card is revoked and they will have to vacate the base in a certain defined period of time. 

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