4 Commonly Asked Questions about DIY Divorce

  1. Can I handle my own divorce case? Sure, you have the right to represent yourself during your divorce case. People do it all the time. But just because you have the right to do so doesn’t mean it’s the wise thing to do. Divorce lawyers have years of training and courtroom experience that help them secure fair deals for their clients. You don’t have this training, and it could be costly in the end.
  2. What are the drawbacks to DIY divorce? You have to remember that the outcome of your divorce has long-lasting ramifications that you could be dealing with for many years or even the rest of your life (e.g. alimony, child support, child custody, etc.). If you don’t have an experienced lawyer overseeing your case, you could get unfavorable results.
  3. What about document preparation websites? These websites usually aren’t backed by actual law firms or real lawyers. Therefore, you’re getting help from someone with very little experience, who may not even be licensed to practice law in your state.
  4. What if I’m just filing for uncontested divorce? Even if you’re filing for Florida uncontested divorce, it’s still a good idea to have a lawyer handle your case because there’s so much that goes into it (negotiation with spouse, paperwork, court dates, etc.).

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