5 Things Your Kids Need From You During A Divorce

For kids, divorce is a lot to deal with. Watching one’s parents fight and split up can be sad, confusing, frustrating, and stressful. In short, divorce is often downright painful for kids. As a parent, there are things you can do to make the divorce process a little less traumatic for your kids. It’s all about making sure you’re meeting their true needs during this transitional time.

Here are the 5 things your kids will need from you most during divorce:

  1. Stay involved in their lives and make them feel important.
  2. Don’t fight around your kids. Set a better example by trying to get along.
  3. Don’t make your kids run messages back and forth between parents.
  4. Don’t badmouth the other parent to your kids. Only say nice things about the other parent, or else say nothing at all.
  5. Love them and listen to them.

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