Are You Entitled to Alimony?

checkbook-688352_1280Spousal support or alimony is intended to ensure that one spouse does not experience significant financial hardship and a decline in quality of life after a divorce. A higher-earning spouse may be ordered to pay temporary alimony or even permanent alimony to a spouse who earns less.

Whether you will be entitled to alimony in your divorce is going to depend upon many different things. The length of the marriage is one of the most important factors in a determination on whether you will receive spousal support. Your job skills and ability (or lack of ability) to become self-supporting is also a key criteria in whether you will get alimony. If you have the ability to work but aren’t working at a job that pays well enough to support yourself, you may be awarded temporary alimony until you can get back into a lucrative career.

Other factors that are relevant to determining if you can get alimony include contributions made to the marriage, whether you helped your spouse build a career, and whether you are providing care to dependent children or other family members.

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