At What Point Should You Give Up On An Uncontested Divorce?

In theory, if you’re going to get divorced, an uncontested divorce is your best available option. Getting an uncontested divorce keeps you out of court, allowing the details of your divorce to be worked out between you and your spouse (and your attorneys, of course) outside of court. This saves you time, money, and additional emotional turmoil. The advantages of an uncontested divorce are clear, and that’s why so many divorcing couples opt for this type of divorce.

But not all couples are able to achieve an uncontested divorce. Remember, an uncontested divorce means you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have to work together to arrange all of the details of your divorce, including custody, child support, alimony, property distribution, etc. As you might suspect, not all divorcing couples are able to work together like this.

That brings up the question: At one point should you give up on the idea of an uncontested divorce and take things to court? The answer really depends on each individual situation, but if you’re at the point where you’re continuing divorce negotiations with nothing productive coming out of your efforts, you’re only wasting your time and money by continuing to pursue this route. At a certain point, it’s time to switch things up.

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