Avoiding Parental Alienation During A Divorce

Sad girl with fighting parents behind herDivorces where children are involved can be incredibly difficult. All of the emotions you and your spouse are feeling will likely pale in comparison to those your children will experience. Divorce is very hard on kids, and one of the toughest things is to avoid parental alienation – where a child turns against one of the parents.

In most cases, a major contributor to parental alienation is when one parent badmouths another in front of the child. It’s natural for people to choose sides during a divorce, and this can happen with your kids too. If they hear you talking badly about your former spouse or see you treating their other parent with hostility, it can cause them to turn against that parent too. This isn’t fair to the other parent, nor is it fair to the child.

Your children should be able to enjoy happy, healthy relationships with both of their parents after the divorce. It’s your responsibility to avoid behaviors that can cause parental alienation. Don’t put your kids in the middle of your problems with your former spouse, and never sabotage your ex-spouse’s relationship with the kids.

Divorce is already hard enough on your children. Make sure you don’t do anything to make it even worse.

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