Can the Marriage be Saved?

Most people facing the prospect of divorce ask themselves, “Did I really try?” They wonder if there is something more that can be done to save the marriage. The answer is never easy or simple. For some, yes, it’s possible. For others, both parties would simply do better in life by starting again after divorce. So, how can you determine if the marriage can be saved?

The Underlying Problems

To work on a relationship, you have to know what areas need work. That means determining specific problems. This takes thought and conversation–often a lot of both. The spouses must be willing, too. If you fight regularly with your spouse, this might not be easy. Remember that an objective third-party help can be very good in these circumstances.

The Work

There are things you can try if you are willing, able, and you think they will help. For example, if you believe attraction is a problem, you can try making some changes to your appearance. They should never be changes with which you’re uncomfortable, but rather things that may make both of you happy. This is merely one of the easier possibilities. If you need to make changes, or you believe the other person would have to, you must be honest about those changes–but kind–and ready for the possibility that the other person will not be willing to undergo changes.


Blaming a spouse for the marriage problems is a strong way to stop any potential for reconciliation. So, if you feel that your spouse is a cause of some issues, you must find a way to express your feelings without placing direct blame. Admitting your own faults is helpful, as is a professional third party who can help the two of you express yourselves without using blame.

Attempting to save a marriage can be incredibly difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. Of course, if you decide that divorce in Florida is the best option for you and your spouse, then call Miller Law.


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