Can You Get Alimony While You Go Back to School?

girl-476977_1280If a couple divorces and one spouse makes more money than the other spouse, alimony or spousal support may be appropriate. Essentially, alimony means the higher-earning spouse with a greater income has to pay maintenance to the lower-earner so that the lower-earner’s quality of life does not decline dramatically with the end of the marriage.

Alimony is not going to be available in all divorce situations. If you have been married a long time and the earning discrepancy is likely to be a permanent one, however, you will probably get alimony.

Even if you have been married for a shorter period of time and you have some job skills, you may be awarded spousal support – though the support may be temporary. You may be given alimony for a limited period of time so you have the chance to go back to school and renew certifications or improve your income to become self-supporting.

If you want to get back into the career world with a new degree after a divorce, speak with a divorce attorney about how you can put together a case arguing for temporary alimony in your divorce situation. Your attorney will help you to try to convince your spouse to pay or the judge to award you alimony.

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