Can You Get Sole Custody Of Your Kids?

kid-435140_1280If you are separating or divorcing and you have children, your first priority is probably making sure you get to raise your kids the way you want. In some cases, you may wish to prevent the other parent from having any access to the children at all. If this is your situation, you will want to argue that you should receive sole custody of the kids.

You can get sole custody of the kids if you can convince your spouse or the other parent to give up his or her custody rights. If you both agree, you can create a written plan and the court should enforce your decision on custody.

If your spouse disagrees and fights for custody, it will be much more difficult to get sole custody. You will need to prove it is in the best interests of the children not to see the other parent. This is usually the case when there is abuse or neglect or when the other parent is not fit to provide care. You need credible evidence and must make a compelling argument to demonstrate why the other parent should not see the kids. A divorce professional can help you to make your case. Visit to schedule a free consultation with a Florida divorce lawyer today.

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