Can You Move Your Kids Out of State After a Divorce?

person-731165_1280When you divorce, you may want a fresh start, and this could mean moving to a new place. If you have kids, however, it becomes very complicated to pick up and leave your home. You may be able to relocate with the kids, but whether this is allowed or not is going to depend upon your custody arrangement.

If your ex agrees that you can move with your children, you should be allowed to leave. You can work with your ex to come up with a custody agreement or parenting plan that makes it possible for you to move and for your ex to still see the children. If your spouse disagrees about the move, but you have sole custody, you should also be allowed to relocate (although you may need to check your custody order and get permission from the court).

If you have shared custody, however, leaving may not be possible if your spouse does not want you to. You would need to petition the court about relocating and changing the terms of custody and would need to show it is in the child’s best interests to move with you.

A divorce professional can help you to convince the court about why it makes sense for you and the kids to relocate. Visit our website to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer today.

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