3 Ways to Communicate with Your Miami Divorce Attorney

When you hire a Miami divorce attorney, it’s imperative that you keep a line of communication open at all times. You never want to be left in the dark about your case, and you want to make sure you can always get answer to any questions you might have about getting divorced.

How can you communicate with your Miami divorce attorney?

  1. Phone—The phone is beneficial because it gives you an instant line of communication to your attorney. You can interact with one another in real time. However, most attorneys only accept phone calls during office hours, and with the demands of their schedules, they may not always have time to chat with you on the phone.
  2. Email—Email has become a popular way for clients to communicate with their Miami divorce attorney. Attorneys can send over a message with updates on your case, and they can respond to your emails whenever they have the time.
  3. In person—If you hire a Miami divorce attorney near you, you might be able to meet with them in person whenever you wish to discuss your case. But beware. Your attorney might bill you hourly for the meeting time. 

At DivorceYes.com, we’re committed to making your divorce as easy as possible. To improve communication, we’ve created a proprietary messaging system. As a client, you’ll have your own password protected login. Any time updates are made in your case, a message will be sent through the system and to your email. This ensures you’re always kept apprised of all the details surrounding your divorce.

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