Could a Rebounding Economy Lead to More Divorce Filings?

Financial difficulties are often a huge reason marriages end in divorce. That’s why it might be surprising to learn that many experts predict divorce rates will actually start increasing as the economy continues to improve. After all, if the economy is better and fewer people are struggling to get by, shouldn’t divorce rates drop?

Here’s the catch: Getting divorced can be expensive. Not only are there the legal fees that have to be considered, but getting divorced also often means going from living on two incomes to living on a single income and still having child support, alimony, and other financial matters to take care of.

With that in mind, a lot of couples may have been putting off their divorce when the economy was down, simply because they couldn’t afford to separate at the time. Now that the economy is improving, experts believe that those couples who have been postponing their divorces may finally pursue them. Only time will tell if these predictions are correct.

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