Did Florida Make the List of the 7 Worst States for Divorce?

Recently, New York divorce attorney Bruce Provda conducted a study to determine the worst states for getting divorced. His criteria for ranking the states included local filing fees, waiting periods, residency requirements, and minimum separation periods. Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, state bar associations, state legislature websites, and Bloomberg, Provda was able to come up with rankings for the 7 worst states to get a divorce.

Fortunately, Florida didn’t make the list. While Florida is the most expensive state for filing for divorce, the process is typically pretty fast and painless. So, which are the 7 worst states for divorce?

  1. Nebraska ($157 filing fee, 420 days to process divorce)
  2. New York ($335 filing fee, 360 days to process divorce)
  3. California ($395 filing fee, 360 days to process divorce)
  4. Arkansas ($165 filing fee, 540 days to process divorce)
  5. South Carolina (requires minimum 1 year separation before filing for divorce)
  6. Rhode Island ($120 filing fee, minimum 510 days to process divorce)
  7. Vermont (couples must live completely apart during mandated 6-month separation period, 1 year residency required, 3-month decree nisi period before judge will approve)

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