Divorce After a Long Marriage

old-660831_1280Divorce after a long marriage can be complicated because you may have acquired a lot of marital assets during the time that you were together. You will need to come to a decision on how all of those different assets should be divided up between the two spouses.

If one spouse earned a lot less, or helped the other to build up a business, or stayed home with children, that spouse could be entitled to a share of the business and/or to alimony or spousal support. A long marriage can mean that the stay-at-home spouse is going to get permanent alimony, rather than temporary alimony.

When a couple is married for a long time, this could also lead to a situation where the two get divorced at close to retirement age. Taking care of the future by ensuring access to your spouse’s retirement accounts could be important. A qualified domestic relations order (QRDO) could ensure you get a portion of pension money.

An experienced divorce attorney should be consulted if you are getting a divorce after a long marriage because your lawyer can provide you with information on all of your rights and your obligations. Your attorney knows the impact that the length of your marriage has on your divorce and can guide you through the process.

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