Divorce and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is well on its way, and that means a family gathering for most people. When a family is beset by divorce, however, those gatherings can become more difficult and complicated. Often, they have to change, either to fit new parenting plans, or to avoid confrontation. When it comes to divorce and thanksgiving, it is important to make sure you follow any court orders that determine when and how long you may spend with your children. If you do not yet have any of these orders, then consider the best ways to avoid confrontations when you plan your holiday.

Communication is Key

When it comes to planning holidays during and after divorce, communication is essential for making it work for everyone. If the divorce is a difficult one, that may not be easy to manage. However, you will have to try. In this event, the best way to approach arrangements is with calmness, caution, and flexibility. You must be able to remain calm in the face of any argument, be cautious with your words, and flexible in case you’re unable to negotiate the time you want. Even if you don’t foresee any fights because you have been able to maintain peaceful communication so far, it is still helpful to remain flexible.

If there are orders in place that determine who gets to spend time with children during a holiday, you must abide by those. Do not try to make other arrangements with your spouse without speaking to your attorney, first. In some cases, you may be able to make special requests, but do so with caution, and by legal means, only.

Plan your holidays carefully. The more time and care you take to communicate with your spouse and plan, the easier things will be. It is easy to become frustrated in the face of so much change,soo do your best to be prepared to adjust more than you may have planned.

Though divorce and Thanksgiving as a combination can cause some struggle, your entire divorce does not have to be one. Contact Miller Law today and let us  help you have a smoother, more affordable divorce.


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