Divorce from a Child’s Point of View

person-731165_1280Divorce is a confusing time for everyone, but, in some cases, none may be more confused than a child. While it’s common for adults to underestimate how much a child understands, that does not mean that children can fully comprehend everything; they will still have confusion about what is happening and how they feel about it. Both parents and the court are concerned with what is best for the children during and after divorce, but considering divorce from a child’s point of view is important not only to helping a child deal with it, but to make sure that all his or her needs are met.

Children’s Needs During Divorce

While parents’ needs factor into divorce decisions, children’s needs generally come first. Good decisions both help a child with development during and post-divorce, while still considering a child’s perspective. It’s not uncommon for a child to blame one or both parents; part of a child’s confusion during divorce often revolves around the reason for it and who is to blame. This is natural. But, as long as it’s safe, the child should be able to maintain a loving relationship with both. Sometimes, parents are unable to look past their own views and interests when making decisions about divorce, which is why the courts sometimes get involved.

Younger children are often more vulnerable to the negative results of divorce; they know far less about how to cope with the changes. They may act out as a result of fear and frustration. This is why it is considered so important for a child to have regular, positive contact with both parents. It is essential for a child to understand that, despite the general changes, there are good aspects of the relationships that will not change. It may take time, but the child will, hopefully, come to understand that though the details of daily life change, the parental support does not.

Of course, in order for this to be the case, parents and the court system must remain constantly aware of the divorce from a child’s point of view. Since that can be difficult for parents who also have to worry about other details during divorce, court representatives—attorneys, mediators, etc.—are there to help when needed.

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