DivorceYes.com Offers Flat Fee Pricing for Uncontested Divorce in Florida

DivorceYes.com has just announced low cost, flat fee legal services for anyone facing an uncontested divorce in Florida. With some attorneys charging thousands of dollars to handle a divorce case, the low prices of DivorceYes.com’s services (starting at $399 for an uncontested divorce without kids and $499 for an uncontested divorce with kids) allow the average person to afford qualified legal representation.

“80% of the people in family court are stuck doing it on their own. The 1000’s of traditional billable hour divorce lawyers out there are struggling to attract the other 20%,” explains Jeff Miller, senior counsel at DivorceYes.com. “Almost half of what we see at the courthouse each day are lawyers withdrawing from representations on account of “irreconcilable differences”; in other words, NO MONEY. People need help.

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