Does a Mediator Take Sides in a Divorce?

Unhappy couple upset with marital problemsWhen you are getting a divorce, you must make some decisions on how property is going to be divided. You’ll also have to decide if either spouse is going to get alimony or support, and how your time with your kids will be shared. Whenever you can, it is a good idea for you to make these decisions by working with your spouse outside of court to negotiate. Because many people can’t come to an agreement, they turn to a professional mediator to help with the process of creating a negotiated divorce settlement.

A mediator is going to help you through the process of coming to an agreement, but mediators do not take sides. Their job is to remain neutral and impartial so they can facilitate communication and allow you and your spouse to create your own agreement. Ideally, the mediator who you work with is going to be very good at getting you to communicate and to compromise, so you will not need the mediator to take anyone’s side. You and your spouse, with the help of your divorce lawyers, should be able to come to an agreement that works out well for the both of you. Contact us to learn more.

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