Does it Matter Who Files for Divorce First in Florida?

At Miller Law Associates, we get asked a lot of questions about divorce in Florida. Many of these questions revolve around the early stages of divorce as clients wonder what it takes to get divorced. One specific question we’ve been asked time and time again is, does it matter who files for divorce first?

Simply put, it doesn’t matter who files first from a legal perspective.

Ideally, you don’t want to get blindsided by a divorce. The best case scenario is that you have time to prepare and get your documentation and financial situation in order before filing for divorce, but that’s not how it always goes. Sometimes, the other spouse files for divorce first, and you’re left scrambling to respond to the divorce papers you’ve been served.

In Florida, if you’ve been served with divorce papers, you have 20 days to file a response to the suit or your risk a default being filed against you. So, if you didn’t file first for divorce, it’s important that you don’t ignore the summons. Get legal representation and take action quickly and decisively so you can get your situation in order.

Whether you wish to file for divorce or you’ve been served with divorce papers, the Florida divorce lawyers at Miller Law Associates are here to help. We handle all of our cases on a flat fee, discrete task basis, helping you get more for your money. Learn more at

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