Don’t be in Denial about Your Divorce

One of the most common ways people react to getting divorced is denial. They simply refuse to believe that a divorce is really taking place. They may fool themselves into thinking that things can still be worked out, even though their spouse is moving full speed ahead with getting out of the marriage.

It’s understandable to be in denial during such a tough time, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. If you’re in denial about your divorce, that means that you’re probably not hiring a divorce attorney. Meanwhile, your spouse probably already has a lawyer and is well on his or her way to getting prepared to go through the divorce. Their extra preparation and legal guidance could end up really hurting you as the divorce progresses.

But this isn’t the only danger of being in denial. The truth is that it’s just not good for your emotional health. When you’re in denial about your divorce, you never have the chance to accept what’s happening and to start rebuilding your life so you can move on. This makes the recovery process much longer and much harder.

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