Don’t Let Your Kids See The Anger In Your Divorce

Did you know that a recent study found that children who are exposed to constant fighting between parents are more likely to be depressed? Furthermore, those kids are also more likely to act out with harmful behaviors, such as drug use, anger, and bad grades in school.

Of course, parental fighting and divorce go hand in hand. Most divorces involve quite a bit of fighting and lots of anger. It’s natural for divorcing couples to bicker. However, you need to do your best to keep the fighting and anger away from your kids. It’s important to preserving their health and happiness.

You should always try to keep your fights away from where your children can see or hear you. If you’re getting in an argument with the other parent, take it somewhere else. The psychological damage that can occur in your children from witnessing your fights can be very serious.

Furthermore, fighting in front of your kids can force them to choose sides, and that’s not a position any child should ever be placed in. Likewise, you should never involve your kids or try to turn them against the other parent. They deserve to have loving relationships with both parents.

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