Florida uncontested divorce can be had online

A Florida uncontested divorce can be had online from the originator of the online divorce, Florida law firm Miller Law Associates.  The Miller law firm handles Florida uncontested divorce cases throughout the Florida and offers its unique online divorce solution through its website www.DivorceYes.com.  Miller Law Associates created the concept of a Florida divorce online and offers start to finish Florida uncontested divorces for as little as $399 plus court filing fee.  The Miller Law Firm handles all types of divorce and family law cases and offers a low cost, flat fee discreet task representation option to all of its clients.

How does it work?

       Client hires divorce lawyers, Miller Law Associates, online at the website, www.DivorceYes.com and completes the online Florida Divorce Questionnaire.  It usually takes only a few minutes to provide the information the lawyers need to complete the required divorce papers.  Client transmits the completed questionnaire online and law firm creates the divorce papers appropriate for the client and county the case is being filed in, emails them to client and client gets the papers signed and returned to law firm with the filing fee for the clerk of court.  Law firm files the divorce case in court and submits the case to the judge assigned.  Client can expect that the final divorce decree will be entered within 30 days after the case is filed.  A conformed copy of the divorce decree will be mailed to client and the ex spouse after it is entered.

       To learn more about a Florida online uncontested divorce handled by experienced Florida divorce lawyers, visit www.DivorceYes.com.

About Miller Law Associates

       Miller Law Associates handles Florida divorce and family law cases throughout Florida.  With offices in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and new offices planned in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville and its website presence at www.DivorceYes.com, it has the ability to serve many people looking for a low cost, flat fee divorce lawyer.

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