Getting Divorced Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed as a Parent

Sad girl with fighting parents behind herDivorce is never easy, but for married couples who have children, the decision to end a marriage is especially tough. Everyone knows that divorce can be really tough on kids of all ages, and for parents, watching their kids go through the fallout of a divorce is certainly difficult and overwhelming. That’s why so many married couples try to “stay together for the kids” even if their marriages are completely falling apart, because they believe getting divorced makes them bad parents. But here’s the truth – getting divorced doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a parent!

When you’re making the decision to get divorced or you’ve just been newly divorced, it’s difficult to believe or understand. But the reality is that getting divorced doesn’t make you a bad parent at all. Whether you’re married or divorced has nothing to do with your parenting skills. In fact, remaining an active, involved, and loving parent throughout all of the trials and tribulations of a divorce arguably makes you an even better parent. Remember, you can still be there for your kids independently after divorce and help raise them the right way.

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