Going Back to Work After Divorce

girl-476977_1280Marriage and divorce differ for everyone. Once, it was common for a wife to stay home while a husband worked. Though that may not be as common anymore, some couples still divide marital responsibility this way—one person remaining at home, while another goes to work. Of course, this can sometimes make things like going back to work after divorce a little daunting.

Seek the financial help you need.

If you were reliant upon your spouse, you may be entitled to alimony. How much and for how long is never certain. However, if you need the financial assistance while you re-enter the workforce, just talk to your attorney about what is feasible.

Do some research.

Depending upon how long it has been since you worked, things may have changed. You will want to be prepared for this. So, go online and find out how jobs are acquired now. Look up the most prevalent job search sites, and ask your successful friends how you should get started. Find out how resumes have changed, too, as you work on yours.

Put yourself out there.

Now, most jobs are found online and many places expect you to have an online presence. While not all employers care about your social media—it depends on the type of position—it does help to have your relevant work information on a networking site like LinkedIn, as many employers permit filling applications with already-existing data from your profile. So, look into what sites have become relevant in the world of job-hunting and put your work profile out there.

Get some advice.

Talk to your friends and family about your plans for work. They can help you with various details of your workforce re-entry—where to create profiles, where to search for work, putting a resume together, etc.

When it comes to your divorce, call us at Miller Law. We know how to get you through it so that you can focus on going back to work afterward.

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