Are You Being a Good Client to Your Orlando Divorce Attorney?

So, you’re getting divorced and you’ve decided to hire an Orlando divorce attorney. Hopefully, you did your homework to make sure you chose the best possible attorney for the job. And now, it’s time for your attorney to go to work to secure a positive outcome on your behalf.

But that doesn’t mean that your work is completely done. A successful client-attorney relationship requires participation from both parties. Your attorney is going to need certain information from you so that he or she can take the right approach to your divorce case. And if you want your case to go smoothly, you’re going to have to be a good client.

What are some of the things you can do to be a good client to your Orlando divorce attorney?

The most important thing is that you always be honest with your attorney. Your attorney has to make decisions based on the information you provide. If you’re not being truthful or you’re hiding certain information from your attorney, you could complicate matters and cause mistakes to be made. Always answer your attorney’s questions as truthfully as you can, and don’t hide important information.

Another thing you can do to be a good client is to obtain as much paperwork as you can related to your divorce case. During a divorce, documents like credit card statements, bank statements, insurance policies, and so on can be very helpful for letting the attorney get a clear picture of your family’s financial situation. This ensures fair settlements regarding property division and child support are made.

Throughout your case, your divorce attorney will be communicating with you. He or she will be providing status updates and possibly asking you to complete various tasks (e.g. provide paperwork, sign certain documents, etc.). You have to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open with your attorney. Whenever correspondence is sent to you, read it and respond in a timely manner.

If you move, change your telephone number, or switch jobs, make sure you advise your attorney immediately. Be proactive in communicating important changes in your life to your Orlando divorce attorney.

Another tip for clients is to avoid getting into any altercations with your spouse during your divorce case. Try to avoid situations with your spouse that could lead to nasty arguments, blame games, or name calling. This will only cause more problems with your case, and in the end, it will make more work for your attorney. And for you, that means more attorney’s fees that you have to pay, so it’s in your best interest to avoid causing any unnecessary drama.

And finally, be respectful throughout the process. If you have to go to court, make sure you show up on time, dressed appropriately, and ready to pay attention. You need to take your divorce case seriously.

It’s easy to be a good client. Just follow these tips, and you’ll make things better for both you and your divorce attorney

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