What You Should Do Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Miami

Before you schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer in Miami, you need to make sure you’re truly ready to move forward with separating from your spouse. You don’t want to come to that decision for the first time when you’re talking to an attorney. You need to be prepared so the entire process will be a whole lot easier for you to get through. 

  • Get copies of all financial records—This includes bank statements, credit card statements, insurance paperwork, pay stubs, tax returns…you name it. The more documentation you have, the better.
  • Keep communicating with your spouse—It might be difficult, but you need to try to keep the lines of communication open with your spouse. The more you two can agree upon, the better.
  • Don’t block your spouse from seeing the kids—Never unreasonably block your spouse from seeing their kids during the divorce process. This could come back to haunt you when custody is being determined. 

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